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Adding Content to Your Site

This site has been set up so that the basic structure of the site is already in place with the branded RRU theme installed, and is ready for you, as a Site Editor, to add your own content pages.

When you log in to your website, you will see a new menu appear in the left sidebar of the site with links that are available only to you as a logged-in Site Editor.

Creating content:

Click "Create Content" to see a list of the types of content you can create. This list reflects the privileges assigned to your user account. Most often, you will be creating a "Page".

  • Choose "Page".
  • Enter a title for your page. This will be displayed at the top of the page on the site, formatted to match the other page headers.

Fill in the following: 

  • Main Image: (optional)Click "Browse" to look for a picture on your computer, or the network, to upload to this page.  
  • Body: (required)The "body" field is where you put the main content of the page. Type your content directly into this field.

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Publishing options:
To make the page visible - The site default is that all pages are set to be "Published" (visible to users) as soon as the page is saved. 
To hide the page - If you are not ready for your page to be live on the site yet, expand "Publishing Options" near the bottom of the page. Uncheck "Published"

Adding this page to the menu: (optional)
If you would like a link to this page to appear on the Main Menu (left-sidebar) then expand the "menu settings" right below the "Title" and enter a Menu link title. The Parent item: should say: <Main Menu>


Remember to click "Save" when you are done!