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The Basics

The basic Moderator's role is to edit and publish any information that is added to the website.  Any editors can create web pages pertaining to their area and submit them (or "Save" them) to the moderator's queue.

The Moderator then just needs to click on Moderator's Queue under the Admin menu in the left navigation.  This will take you directly to the page for all the pending submissions that you have permission to edit and publish.

Other choices:

You can also click the upper tabs to select one of the following:

  • I created
  • I last modified
  • I can edit
  • I can view

Most of the time, you will want to select "I can edit".  This will show you all of the items that you have permission to edit.You then need to filter the items using one of the following:

  • In draft/Pending publication
  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • All

If you are looking for webpages that others have created and submitted for approval, you will want to select In draft/Pending publication.  This will give you a list of all the items waiting to be approved and published.