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RSS Feeds

Quick links: Feeding RSS in; Feeding RSS out

You may be asking "What is 'RSS'?"

The acronym RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'.

This is the standard icon indicating an RSS feed: 

RSS takes the latest headlines and articles from different web sites that you choose, combines ("aggregates") and pushes those stories to your computer, or in this case, to your website. This site has the capability to aggregate RSS feeds from outside sites and publish them to this site in a single block for users to read.

A couple of ways you may wish to use this 'Feed Aggregator' feature are:

  • Feeding in postings from Faculty blogs hosted elsewhere on the web
  • Publishing relevant headlines and stories from industry-related sites or online publications

The only requirement is that the site you wish to feed from, offers an RSS feed. This will not work for sites that do not offer an RSS feed. (A "subscribe to this site by e-mail" type link is not the same as RSS.)

Feeding articles from other sites IN to this one:

This site can bring in RSS feeds from other sites and publish them in a block on this site.


Feeding articles OUT from your site:

If you would like to enable RSS feeds from your site, please contact RRU Computer Services to create a ticket for assistance.