Conference Seed Fund


Faculty and Schools within RRU often develop and lead conferences/events which generate revenue through registration fees. While revenue is generated through registrations and sponsorships, there are a number of logistical tasks to be done early in the organizational process such as: call for proposals, negotiation of venue contract, down payment for the venue, development of a web site, etc. Often there is little capacity available within a School to undertake these tasks.

The purpose of the Conference/Event Seed fund is to provide funding that can be used to hire staff/contractors to assist with those logistics, and to provide funding for the down payment for the venue.

The Conference/Event Seed fund is meant to be revolving, therefore it is understood that the first draw on revenue (not on profit at the end of the conference, but rather on the initial revenue) is the reimbursement of the Fund. Any resulting loss to the conference project is the responsibility of the School.


All Schools are eligible to apply. It is expected that a core faculty member be the ‘lead’ for the project. Awards and Adjudication The value of each award will normally not exceed $5,000. The Royal Roads University Research Advisory Committee will adjudicate applications.


Applications will be accepted throughout the fiscal year on a first come first served basis. Awards will be adjudicated within four weeks of submission. The Office of Research Services will provide administrative support for the grants.

Selection Criteria

Grants will be awarded on the basis of the following selection criteria:

  1. Significance of the proposed conference and how it relates to RRU’s mission and values;
  2. Feasibility of the activities as detailed in the workplan and timeline;
  3. Evidence of need;
  4. Expected outcomes of the conference/event including impact on curriculum, course design, teaching, and student learning, and;
  5. Support of the school director or equivalent. 

Duration of Award

Awards will be offered for a term of up to two years. Any unused fund monies will be returned to the Conference Seed Grant fund. Applicants must acknowledge their understanding that the first draw on revenue for the conference/event is to reimburse the Conference Seed Grant fund.

Use of Funds

Funds requested through this award may be used to hiring staff/contractor to assist with logistics for the conference/event, and for down payments for the venue. Post-Award Project Changes Once awarded, any significant changes to the proposed activity in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories must be discussed with the Associate VP Research and Faculty Affairs and may require approval of the adjudicating panel as a whole.