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CRC in Innovative Learning & Public Ethnography

CRC in Innovative Learning & Public Ethnography website: (in development)

Dr. Phillip Vannini, faculty member in the School of Communication & Culture and program head for the Master’s in Intercultural and International Professional Communication, is RRU’s Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography.

His CRC focuses on developing public ethnography as innovative learning through a series of methodological, epistemological, theoretical, and pedagogical reflections informed by a series of public ethnographic projects which will examine everyday life practices of off-the-grid dwelling. Off-the-grid dwelling refers to ways of everyday living marked by various degrees of disconnection from, and alternative connection to, the infrastructural grids that provide societies with the potential for power, light, and speed.

The research will involve using public ethnography to gather stories and experiences from people across Canada as they endeavour to live their lives off various power grids. The research seeks to illuminate practices, assumptions, values, ideals, structures of feeling, affective economies, spatialities, materialities, practicalities and ways of being that will further dialogue around livelihood and technology, innovatively raising awareness of practices of dwelling and living at a time marked by tremendous global environmental challenges. His use of public ethnography aims to enliven both the academic and non-academic landscape by imaginatively capturing the flows of everyday life and by experimenting with novel ruptures of the mundane—thus making the familiar strange, and the strange familiar.