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CRC in Sustainable Community Development

CRC in Sustainable Community Development website:

Dr. Ann Dale joined Royal Roads University in August 2000 and was awarded its first Canada Research Chair in 2004.

Professor Dale’s research focuses on sustainable communities, both virtual and place-based. She is deeply committed to novel research dissemination and is currently experimenting with social media tools to speed the exploitation of knowledge and research in Canada.

Professor Dale’s research is committed to the production of useful knowledge and tools for communities and she has developed several innovative tools—an integrated community sustainability planning template, an online case study tool, and real-time online deliberative conversations ( The case study tool includes over 44 case studies on leading-edge sustainable development implementation and alternative governance models. She has led over 45 e-Dialogues on critical public policy issues ranging from sustainable infrastructure, the management of used nuclear fuel in Canada, urban sustainability, the economics of green buildings to biotechnology.

Her renewed CRC is now exploring the meaning of community vitality, and the dynamic relationships between vitality, innovation and anticipatory governance. She is also involved in other research concerning agency, social capital and network formation, online deliberative dialogue, and, most recently, climate change adaptation and mitigation in British Columbia.