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Funded Research

UNPRME (United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education) - Nicaragua

Archer, Geoff R - 2014
Geoff Archer UNPRME (United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education) -  Nicaragua   February 17, 2014   
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Attendance at the 3rd International Conference on Youth 2016 (ICYouth 2016) 15-17 November 2016 in Malaysia

Manion, Kathleen K - 2016
Young people are at a crossroads. They may be more technologically savvy and more educated than any previous generation, but they're struggling to find adequate housing and jobs, and are unsure about their political life.
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The embedded conflict management practitioner: exploring the potential and maximizing impact for constructive conflict engagement in organizations

Malisius, Eva M - 2016
Conflict happens in every workplace, but fortunately the outcomes don't have to be all negative. Conflict managers are professionals who enhance the positive aspects of conflict - like learning opportunities - while helping mitigate the negative aspects.
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Youth Participation in Political Activities

Schissel, Bernard - 2015
Bernard Schissel and his collaborator Li Zong, have spent their professional lives studying the rights of children and immigration. Now, working together, with the help of funds provided by an Insight Grant, they wanted to understand how youth cope with the barriers they experience when they try to participate in political life.  
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Social Licensing in major resource development projects

Pulla, Siomonn - 2017
Governments and corporations can no longer develop natural resources without particular care or attention to jurisdiction, environmental impact, and Indigenous rights or concerns. Most importantly, Canadian governments now have a legal duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous peoples impacted by any major resource development.
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Attendance and Presentation at the Women, Money and Markets 1750-1850 Conference

Mackay, Theresa M - 2017
Theresa Mackay has long had an interest in tourism in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, making a point of visiting there at least once per year. Her research interest lies in the earliest days of the Scottish hospitality industry, around the dawn of the 19th century.  
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Presenteeism in the Workplace

Jorgensen, Frances - 2017
Many people know that when they're sick they're not operating at their best, but our culture rewards workers who "power through" to get the job done. What many people don't realize is that going to work sick can have major, life-changing consequences, contributing to serious psychological and physical issues.
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Conference presentation at Internet Librarian 2014: ‘Social search and the evolution of discovery’

Meredith, Will A - 2014
Transformations in scholarly publishing, especially around open access, have provided academics with more methods of knowledge dissemination.  Options for discovering existing literature have also expanded, from Google Scholar to discovery layers to institutional repositories, leaving researchers confused and underserved.  Librarians, Will Meredith and Corey Davis wanted to explore tw
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Evaluative Study of Action Research (ESAR)

Piggot-Irvine, Eileen - 2016
Action Research is regularly used to solve problems and create guidelines for best practices, but how well does it actually work?
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Spaces, Places and Possibilities

Newell, Rob - 2017
Rob Newell has a passion for understanding how we develop and use the places we call home and what this means for the local residents and environment. Too often, community changes are made without considering the experience of those who will live with the changes.
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