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Funded Research

UNPRME (United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education) - Nicaragua

Archer, Geoff R - 2014
Geoff Archer UNPRME (United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education) -  Nicaragua   February 17, 2014   
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Attendance at the 3rd International Conference on Youth 2016 (ICYouth 2016) 15-17 November 2016 in Malaysia

Manion, Kathleen K - 2016
Young people are at a crossroads. They may be more technologically savvy and more educated than any previous generation, but they're struggling to find adequate housing and jobs, and are unsure about their political life.
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The embedded conflict management practitioner: exploring the potential and maximizing impact for constructive conflict engagement in organizations

Malisius, Eva M - 2016
Conflict happens in every workplace, but fortunately the outcomes don't have to be all negative. Conflict managers are professionals who enhance the positive aspects of conflict - like learning opportunities - while helping mitigate the negative aspects.
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Youth Participation in Political Activities

Schissel, Bernard - 2015
Bernard Schissel and his collaborator Li Zong, have spent their professional lives studying the rights of children and immigration. Now, working together, with the help of funds provided by an Insight Grant, they wanted to understand how youth cope with the barriers they experience when they try to participate in political life.  
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