Attendance at the 3rd International Conference on Youth 2016 (ICYouth 2016) 15-17 November 2016 in Malaysia

Young people are at a crossroads. They may be more technologically savvy and more educated than any previous generation, but they're struggling to find adequate housing and jobs, and are unsure about their political life. These struggles are the foundation of Manion's work on youth, Reflections on Community Building- Laying the Grounds for Fruitful Youth-Adult Collaboration, presented at the 3rd International Conference on Youth in 2016.

Manion wanted to know how the idea of youth rights informs global debates on youth, and youth identity. To achieve this, she took a look at research done previously in New Zealand, and set out to conduct interviews in Canada, Burundi, and Chad. She found that different groups are working to create ways for young people to make meaningful change in their world, and to understand their place in it. Manion examined youth in post-conflict settings, youth who are challenging traditional styles of government, and youth undertaking self-advocacy for health, housing, and other support. Her work is ongoing.