Global Advancement & Diversity Fund


Diversity is the recognition and acknowledgement of multiple and overlapping identities that enriches community. Royal Roads University is committed to appreciating and celebrating the diversity of students, faculty, and staff, with the objective of strengthening the fabric of our communities.

Aligned with the university's performance-based culture of recognition and reward, the Royal Roads University Board of Governors established a recognition framework for President Allan Cahoon. This entailed the creation of a fund which would receive contributions from the board and externally. Donations made from the university would be considered on an annual basis with the potential to be awarded as determined and approved by the Board of Governors in recognition of the President’s Leadership.

The Allan Cahoon Global Advancement and Diversity fund aligns with the university’s goals for global advancement and diversity. Global Advancement refers to the university's strategic and integrated approach to efforts in support of the university’s vision to “connect people, ideas and experiences to change lives and the world". Diversity is the recognition and acknowledgement of multiple and overlapping identities that enrich community.  


The Allan Cahoon Global Advancement and Diversity fund will support three initiatives aligned with the university's objectives related to global advancement and diversity:

(1)    Allan Cahoon Global Advancement and Diversity Student Award (See Award Terms of Reference)

(2)    Center for Dialogue Based Event (for projects with start dates in odd numbered years, e.g., 2021, 2023)

An annual university-hosted event, incorporating the resources of the Centre for Dialogue, to draw on contemporary thought leadership promoting diversity, inclusivity, and opportunity consistent with the aims and objectives embraced by the university's diversity statement, with particular emphasis on gender, sexual orientation, and Indigenous culture. Events can be led by Royal Roads core faculty or permanent staff.

(3) Global Advancement Project (for projects with start dates in even numbered years, e.g., 2020, 2022)

An annual project led by a core faculty or permanent staff member, with a focus on forging new opportunities and furthering the interests of diversity.

Global Advancement Project Support or Centre for Dialogue-Based Event Eligibility

Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • A project or event led by a current permanent core faculty or staff member.
  • A project or event that intends to meet the university’s goals for global advancement and diversity.
  • An application form submitted in response to the call for applications by the deadlines provided in the call for applications.
  • The project or event has approval from the appropriate school dean or director.

Annual fund distribution

Funding availability will be based on the value of the interest earned on the endowment. The amount will be reviewed annually by the Office of Advancement. Applications with higher requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Application process

Applications must be submitted by midnight February 15 in electronic form via When the 15th falls on a weekend or statuatory holiday, the due date will be midnight of the next business day. Incomplete applications, late applications, or applications not submitted as instructed in the application process will not be considered. 

For questions, please contact the Office of Research Services at

Distribution of funding

Annual funding is allocated to a Centre for Dialogue Based event or Global Advancement project based on funding availability. The Office of Research Service will promote and administer a competition for funding by posting a call for Global Advancement and Diversity applications. Research Services provide administrative support for the call or applications, adjudication process, and post award management and reporting. One award will be made annually.  

Project and Event Selection Criteria

  1. Significance of the proposed initiative and how it will enhance the professional growth of the staff, students and faculty as a whole;
  2. Quality of the proposed activities, as reflected in the strength, timeliness, and feasibility of the activities;
  3. Potential of the project to enhance teaching at Royal Roads;
  4. Relevance of the activity to the university’s mandate;
  5. Degree to which the initiative highlights staff, student and faculty’s contributions to the success of the university; and
  6. Support for the proposal by the school dean, director or equivalent.

Project and Event Description (no more than 2 pages)

Project applications should also, in addition to the selection criteria above, include a description of the following information: 

  1. The overall goal(s) and specific objectives;
  2. The significance and benefits of the activities (to students, faculty, the university, and knowledge creation);
  3. The activities or work plan with time frames;
  4. The feasibility of the proposed project;  
  5. Expected outputs and outcomes;
  6. Potential long term impacts of the project; and
  7. Detailed budget with justification. Specify the total amount requested (normally up to $4,000). Justify each budget item in terms of (a) how it will help you achieve your objectives, and (b) the calculation of the cost. Funds requested may be used only for the purposes described in this application.

Duration of Project and Event support

The term of the award is one year from the date of award. All funds are expected to be expended by this date. Any unused monies will be returned to the Fund. Please note that faculty and staff members can only hold one award at a time.

Recipient Requirements

Information regarding each award (name[s] of recipients, title of project, amount awarded, budget, details of the project, projected outputs, outcomes, and impacts, etc.) will be provided to the Office of Advancement after each committee meeting. Recipients of funds are required to submit a final written report to the Office of Advancement and the Office of Research Services within 30 days of the end of the project.


Applications will be adjudicated by the Research Advisory Committee and administered by Research Services in communication with the Office of Advancement.

Post-Award Project Changes

Once awarded, any significant changes to the proposed activity in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories must be discussed with the Chair of the Research Advisory Committee.

Global Advancement and Diversity Application Form 

You will find the Request for Extention Form, Post-Award Project Change Form, and Final Report Form at the bottom of the main Internal Awards page.