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Innovation & Commercialization - For Students

The Office of Research is the liaison for knowledge and technology transfer services to help inventors and creators protect and/or commercialize their intellectual property (IP). Faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to contact the Office of Research if they have any IP-related questions or want to explore the commercial potential of their innovations and/or entrepreneurial initiatives.

RRU has a creator-owned IP Policy, subject to certain exceptions specifically designed to ensure the ability of the University to effectively carry out its normal course of business.

All IP developed using RRU resources must be disclosed to RRU. Where IP is anticipated to be commercially viable and/or there is any intent to commercialize, such IP must be disclosed to the University prior to the commencement of any commercialization related activities. Upon disclosure, RRU will work with the creator to evaluate the potential commercial viability of the IP.

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Contact Information


Phone: 250-391-2600 ext. 4269 or Toll Free 1-800-788-8028

Tech Transfer / Commercialization Activities