Internal Research Grants


RRU Internal Research Grants support a variety of research activities. Royal Roads University (RRU) Internal Grants for Research (IGR) support projects that undertake research and those that mobilize knowledge. IGR funding is separate from the Personal Professional Development Fund (Article 31.4) and the Professional Development Pool (otherwise known as the Professional Development/Scholarly Activity Pool, Article 31.5) as outlined in the RRU Faculty Association Collective Agreement (2019-2022), and separate from other internal awards such as the Buttedahl Skene Fund, Cahoon Global Advancement and Diversity Fund, and the SSHRC Institutional Grants. IGRs can be used to complement activities being undertaken with these internal, or other external, funding sources. 

Proposals are encouraged from a broad range of research topics while keeping in mind the three university research themes – "innovative learning", "thriving organizations", and "sustainable communities, livelihoods and the environment". 

Duration and Value

The value of each award will be up to $3,000 and will be for one year. 

Deadline and Submission

The deadline for submission of applications is midnight July 31st  of each year. If July 31st falls on a weekend or holiday, the applications will be due on the following business day. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must consist of one (1) document submitted in electronic form to the Research Advisory Committee via Results will be announced by the October 1st start date. No expenses may be incurred before the start date.


Applicants may hold only one IGR at a time (but may hold this award simultaneously with internal grants noted above). Applicants may apply for their next IGR once they have submitted their final written report for the previous grant. Eligible applicants include: core faculty, deans, librarians.

Selection Criteria

Recommendations for the grants by the Research Awards Committee will be based on the following criteria:

  1. The quality of the proposed research/activity, as reflected in the research design of the research/activity (e.g., clarity of objectives and goal, well crafted research question, clear methodology, well-articulated research design in terms of methods, realistic and clear outcomes);  
  2. Feasibility of the project; and
  3. Contribution of the proposed research/activity to knowledge creation or practice and to society.

Guidelines and Application

Please see the IGR Guidelines document (below) for important information about application type and how to fill in each section of the application.

Follow-up and Award Requirements

The applicant will be notified by the committee of the results and successful applications will be listed in Crossroads. Successful applicants will be assigned a cost centre for their project expenses. If an ethical review is required for the project, or if a conference presentation is not yet confirmed, a cost centre will be assigned upon confirmation of these activities. 

Recipients of funds will be expected to submit a short written report to the Research Advisory Committee within two months of the completion date. 

Post-Award Project Change Requests

Any significant changes to the proposed project in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories require approval and should be due to exceptional circumstances. A change request form must be submitted to the Office of Research Services prior to any change being undertaken. 

Please note: Once the activities of a funded project are complete, any unused grant money will be reclaimed by the University and is not eligible to be used for new activities.

Extension Requests

Should award recipients not be able to complete the research within one year, they may request a one-year extension (using the form below) with justification and revised timelines and budgets as applicable to the Office of Research Services prior to the termination date of award. There will normally be no further extensions. 


For further information email

You will find the Request for Extention Form, Post-Award Project Change Form, and Final Report Form at the bottom of the main Internal Awards page.