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Canada Council for the Arts: Media Artist and Scientist Collaboration

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Submission Deadline: 
Wed, 10/01/2014
Through this partnership, the Canada Council for the Arts and the GRAND NCE provide opportunities for innovative collaborations and exchanges between media arts and the sciences.

This pilot program component assists Canadian artists working in partnership with a scientist. An artist and a scientist will be co-applicants who propose a single project that has both an artistic and a scientific portion. The project will use media arts as a means of artistic expression, combined with peer-reviewed science or research. Grants cover the direct costs of research, creative development, production and presentation of artworks created through media arts practices.

Type of work supported

Priority is given to projects that:

  • explore and expand modes of expression in media arts practice in creative and innovative ways
  • involve innovation and artistic expression
  • demonstrate the development of an individual style or expressive process, as well as a commitment to questioning and expanding the discipline
  • demonstrate a strong mutually beneficial collaboration between artist and scientist, with positive demonstrated outcomes for both parties. 

Program Objectives

The objectives of the GRAND NCE Media Artist and Scientist Collaboration component are to:

  • support independent professional artistic practices in media arts that inform and are informed by digital media research
  • create a positive environment for collaboration and partnership between professional independent media artists and scientists
  • contribute positively and in mutually beneficial ways to the research and development of media arts and sciences and their artistic applications
  • promote integrated research methodologies and processes that expand the field
  • support the presentation of artworks and publications that contribute to the knowledge and advancement of and engagement with media arts.


Grant Period, Amount and Eligibility of Expenses 


These grants cannot be used for projects that have already been completed or for expenses incurred before this program deadline.


Applicants are eligible for one year of support from this program.


1 March

1 October: This deadline has been extended to 1 December in 2014.

Your completed application and all required support material must be postmarked on or before the deadline date.

The Canada Council will not accept applications postmarked after the deadline, incomplete applications, or those submitted by fax or email.

Grant Amount

Amount available

The Canada Council for the Arts may fund up to $60,000 of eligible expenses for the artist.

GRAND may fund up to $60,000 of eligible expenses for the scientist.


Please see the website for more information: