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Real Estate Foundation

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Submission Deadline: 
Thu, 09/11/2014
Research and experience tell us that fresh water, sustainable food systems and well-planned built environments are integral to sustainable communities; accordingly, they are a priority for our grants.

Built Environment

The built environment encompasses the buildings and infrastructure that support where and how people live. The way we plan, design, build and operate our communities has significant economic, social and environmental impacts. By funding initiatives focused on better land use policies, development regulations and building practices that respond to both human and ecological needs, the Real Estate Foundation contributes to more sustainable communities.
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Freshwater Sustainability

A safe and abundant supply of fresh water is vital to sustainable communities – freshwater sustainability means making choices that protect freshwater resources now and in the future. Our interest is in initiatives such as new approaches in land use planning, policy and regulation; mapping studies and applied research that contributes to the health of freshwater systems.
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Sustainable Food Systems 

A sustainable food system integrates production, processing, distribution and consumption of food, and waste management, in ways that enhance community well-being. Communities in BC are facing challenges that affect food security, including climate change, rising oil prices and development pressures on agricultural land. We fund initiatives that contribute to novel land use policy and planning that supports sustainable food systems.
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