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SSHRC Insight Grant Competition OPEN

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Submission Deadline: 
Wed, 10/15/2014
Location Information: 
This funding opportunity supports research proposed by scholars and judged worthy of funding by their peers and/or other experts. Insight initiatives may be undertaken by an individual researcher or by a team.

Insight Grants proposals are expected to respond to the objectives put forward in the call for proposals for the Insight program. The objectives of the Insight program are to:
• build knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives through support for the best researchers; 
• support new approaches to research on complex and important topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, institution or discipline; 
• provide a high-quality research training experience for students; 
• fund research expertise that relates to societal challenges and opportunities; and 
• mobilize research knowledge, to and from academic and non-academic audiences, with the potential to lead to intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact. 

The Notice of Intent (NOI) for a SSHRC Insight grant is now mandatory (as it was last year) and due 15 August 2013. If you submit a NOI you are not obligated to complete a full proposal. The full application is due October 15th, 2013.

At the Notice of Intent stage, applicants are asked to provide basic information, such as name and institution, and to submit a one-page summary of their proposed research. This summary must include:

• the objectives of the research;
• the proposed methodology; and
• the anticipated significance and impacts of the proposed research.

For applications submitted by a team of researchers, the applicant must complete the Notice of Intent on behalf of the team. Applicants and research team members are permitted to amend their proposal between the Notice of Intent and full application stage.

For those applicants who have submitted to SSHRC a Notice of Intent, full Insight Grants application forms will be made available on the online system starting July 15, 2013.

Value: $7,000 to $500,000
Duration: 3 to 5 years
Application deadline: (8 p.m. eastern) August 15, 2013 for Notice of Intent (mandatory); October 15, 2013 for full application
Results announced Spring 2014

Please let us know if you would like submit an Insight grant NOI . If it would be helpful we can make an appointment with you in our office to submit the NOI form together - it is pretty straightforward - and we can use the one page summary to form the basis of your pre-approval form.