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Telus Community Funding

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Each year TELUS invests millions of dollars in Canada to hundreds of registered charities through our eleven local Community Boards.

Our Community Board members choose programs that best meet our vision and clearly demonstrate the following criteria:

  • focus on youth
  • demonstrate social and/or technological innovation in program delivery
  • fit one of our funding pillars: arts & culture, education & sport, or health & well-being in our environment
  • defines and measures outcomes

Deadlines are several times a year and vary by region. Please see the website for the next deadline in your area.

Kindly note that:

  • the maximum investment our Community Boards will consider is $20,000
  • charities can apply once a year in each city and we only consider single-year requests
  • charities can apply for a second consecutive year of funding if:
  1. we received an excellent status report of how previous funding was utilized
  2. there is a new component to the program that will enhance or expand its scope and the charity agrees to seek other funding to make the program sustainable
  3. the request is to support an entirely different program than what was funded previously.
  4. funding for capital investments must directly support youth and involve technology and/or social innovation.
  5. operating costs directly associated with program delivery are eligible for support, including salaries or space dedicated to a program. Ineligible operating costs are those which support the charity as a whole, including utilities and overhead salaries
  6. community foundations are eligible for funding only if a specific program managed by the foundation fits within existing funding guidelines. Support for a capital campaign or general donation is outside of funding guidelines and therefore ineligible

Organizations and programs that would be considered ineligible for a Community Board donation:

  • religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
  • advocacy or special interest groups
  • in-kind donations such as local or long-distance telephone services, or reduced telecommunication rates
  • goodwill advertising, travel expenses, field trips, tours, ticket purchases, retroactive requests, conferences, seminars, workshops, beauty pageants, funding for individuals, wilderness adventure activities, or events and activities that take place outside of Canada