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Cadet Life at RRMC: The Log Yearbooks

Starting Date: 
April, 2012
1 year
RRU Researchers: 
Posynick, Caroline
The Friends of Hatley Park Society

The RRU Archives digitization project digitized and makes available online 55 Royal Roads Military College yearbooks known as "The Log" which were created annually from 1943 through 1995. From arrival as recruits to graduation as officers, the official yearbooks depict training and education Canadian military officers received in BC. The yearbooks are significant because they tell an in-depth story of the life of military officer cadets, of training in the Canadian Forces, and how the RRU property was used as Royal Roads Military College. In order to understand a place completely, one must understand its history and the people who came before us. Having the yearbooks digitized and accessible online allows for this to occur in an accessible manner.