SSHRC Institutional Grant Fund


As a result of the recent SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG) competition, Royal Roads University is able to offer an internal grant competition for each of three fiscal years (2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21) under the SSHRC Explore and Exchange program. Only SSHRC eligible faculty (i.e., core faculty working in social science and humanities disciplines) will be able to apply. 

Applicants may only hold one SSHRC Institutional Grant between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2021.

All applications will undergo a competitive, peer-reviewed process adjudicated by the Research Advisory Committee. The following research activities are eligible for funding:

  • pursuing small-scale innovation and experimentation for a research project or pilot study (Explore);
  • hiring students to participate in research projects thereby contributing to the students’ professional development (Explore);
  • engaging in small-scale knowledge mobilization activities, such as workshops and seminars, in order to encourage collaboration and the dissemination of research results both within and beyond the academic community (Exchange); and
  • allowing researchers to attend or present their research at scholarly conferences and other dissemination venues that align with SSHRC’s mandate in order to advance their careers and encourage the exchange of ideas and research results at the national and international level (Exchange).

All SIG-funded research training will incorporate appropriate dimensions of the Guidelines for Effective Research Training. 

Award Terms

  • The value of each award will not exceed $5,000. The total amount of awards granted may not exceed monies available.
  • All funds must be spent by March 31 of the award year.  
  • Once awarded, any changes to the proposed activity in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories must be submitted to the Office of Research Services ( on a change request form (available from Research Services). Significant changes will be reviewed by the Vice President Research, International, Marketing, and Business Development, and may require approval of the panel as a whole.
  • Award recipients must submit a final written report by March 31 of the fiscal year for which funds were received. Templates available from the Office of Research Services.

Selection Criteria

  1. purpose and significance of the research;
  2. strength of the proposal in terms of the research question and sub questions, objectives, methodology and methods
  3. expected benefits of the research (to the University, to society, to knowledge creation);
  4. relevance of the activity to the researcher’s research plan;
  5. feasibility of the activities within the proposed budget and timeline.
  6. alignment with SSHRC’s mandate;
  7. status of the faculty member in terms of emerging versus established with preference to emerging scholars;
  8. potential for the project to leverage other funding or partnerships; and
  9. where relevant, a demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, and/or reconciliation.

Note: Applicants are expected to address all selection criteria as part the application. For example, applications for conference presentations should provide sufficient information to assess the quality, relevance, alignment and potential impact of the research to be presented.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted by midnight February 15 in electronic form to the Research Advisory Committee via When the 15th falls on a weekend, or a statuatory holiday, the due date will be midnight of the next business day. Applications must consist of one (1) PDF document. 

Incomplete applications, late applications, or applications not submitted as instructed in the application process will not be considered.

For questions, please contact the Office of Research Services at

SIG Application Form (Word)

You will find the Post-Award Project Change Form, and Final Report Form at the bottom of the main Internal Awards page.

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