Buttedahl and Skene Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund


The Buttedahl and Skene Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund (BSLTI Fund) was founded in 2006 by the RRU Faculty Association (RRUFA) with subsequent matching contributions from the RRU Foundation, and donations from former Chancellor and Acting President, Bob Skene. In 2015, the fund was renamed to honour the relationship between the late Dr. Paz Buttedahl and Bob Skene. RRUFA, Bob Skene, and the university contributed an additional $20,000 to create a more robust Fund. The late Dr. Paz Buttedahl, president of RRUFA during the creation of this award, was the founder of the RRU program in Human Security and Peace Building, and passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2007. This award honors both Bob Skene and Dr. Paz Buttedahl and supports projects related to their joint commitment to enhancing teaching and learning at RRU. The Fund will support faculty members in making direct links between scholarship, teaching effectiveness, research, and student learning.


  1. Support initiatives that enhance the professional growth of the faculty as a whole;
  2. Enhance teaching at RRU;
  3. Serve a strategic function in highlighting faculty members’ contributions to the success of the university.

Successful recipients will also be encouraged to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning by writing up the results of the project for eventual conference presentation and/or publication.


All core faculty are eligible to apply. Core faculty members can use funding obtained under the Pooled Professional and Scholarly Development Fund (RPDs)and/or the RRU Internal Research Grant (IGR) awards to complement the funding received through the Buttedahl and Skene Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund, as long as the use of complementary funds is approved by the respective committees.

Award Value

Funding available will be based on the value of the fund and interest earned. The amount will be reviewed annually by the Office of Advancement. Awards will normally not exceed $2,000, however initiatives with higher requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The applications will be adjudicated such that the total amount awarded does not exceed the allocated budget for that fiscal year. If the total amount applied for exceeds the monies available, the committee has the option of reducing the amount of individual awards or of selecting applications to be held as alternatives should additional monies become available.


Applications must be submitted to RRUInternalAwards@royalroads.ca by midnight, February 15. When the 15th falls on a weekend, or a statuatory holiday, the due date will be midnight of the next business day.

Incomplete applications, late applications, or applications not submitted as instructed in the application process will not be considered. 

Selection Criteria

Grants will be awarded on the basis of the following selection criteria:

  1. Significance of the proposed initiative and how it will enhance the professional growth of the faculty as a whole;
  2. Quality of the proposed activities, as reflected in the strength, timeliness, and feasibility of the activities;
  3. Potential of the project to enhance teaching at RRU:
  4. Relevance of the activity to the university’s mandate;
  5. Degree to which the initiative highlights faculty members’ contributions to the success of the university; and
  6. Support for the proposal by the school director or equivalent.

Project Description (no more than 2 pages)

Project applications should also, in addition to the selection criteria above, include a description of the following information: 

  1. The overall goal(s) and specific objectives;
  2. The significance and benefits of the activities (to students, faculty, the university, and knowledge creation);
  3. The activities or work plan with time frames;
  4. The feasibility of the proposed project;
  5. Expected outputs and outcomes;
  6. Potential long term impacts of the project; and
  7. Detailed budget with justification. Specify the total amount requested (normally up to $2,000). Justify each budget item in terms of (a) how it will help you achieve your objectives, and (b) the calculation of the cost. Funds requested may be used only for the purposes described in this application.

Duration of Award

The number of awards offered each year will be dependent on the number of applications and funds requested. The term of the award is one year. All funds are expected to be expended within one year. Should award recipients not be able to complete the research within one year, they may request a one-year extension with justification and with a revised timeline. Any unused funds will be returned to the BSLTI Fund. Please note that faculty members can only hold one BSLTI Fund award at a time.

Recipient Requirements

Information regarding each award (name[s] of recipients, title of project, amount awarded, budget, details of the project, projected outputs, outcomes, and impacts, etc.) will be provided to the Office of Advancement after each committee meeting. Recipients of funds are required to submit a final written report to the Office of Advancement and Research Services within 30 days of the end of the project.


Applications will be adjudicated by the Research Advisory Committee. Please contract the Office of Research Services RRUInternalAwards@royalroads.ca if you have any questions.

Use of Funds

Funds requested through The Buttedahl and Skene Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund may be used to support attendance at related conferences or meetings; bring together groups of internal/external experts/ collaborators; support costs related to engaging students in the project; purchase resources or books that will facilitate the successful completion of the project; or for honoraria for individuals involved in the project.  

Post-Award Project Changes

Once awarded, any significant changes to the proposed activity in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories must be discussed with the Chair of the Research Advisory Committee and may require approval of the Research Advisory Committee as a whole.

You will find the Request for Extention Form, Post-Award Project Change Form, and Final Report Form at the bottom of the main Internal Awards page.