CRC equity, diversity and inclusion at RRU

This section of the Royal Roads University (RRU) research site fulfils the requirements for compliance with the public accountability and transparency requirements set out by the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program. The principles within this page, the EDI action plan, and the RRU accountability and transparency page are in accord with the RRU diversity statement.

The four federally designated groups (FDGs) as set out by the Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat (TIPS) are: women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. RRU’s equity targets and gaps for each of the FDGs are fewer than 5, and have therefore been withheld to protect the privacy of the chairholders. RRU currently has five allocations, which are held by:

Dr. Brian Belcher, CRC in Sustainability Research Effectiveness
Term start: 04-30-2013
Term end: 03-31-2020

Dr. Ash Prasad, CRC in Innovative Organizational Practice
Term start: 12-01-2016
Term end: 11-30-2021

Dr. Phillip Vannini, CRC in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography
Term start: 02-01-2011
Renewed: 02-01-2016
Term end: 01-31-2021

Dr. George Veletsianos, CRC in Innovative Learning and Technology
Term start: 09-01-2013
Renewed: 09-01-2018
Term end: 08-31-2023

Dr. Jaigris Hodson, CRC in Digital Communication for the Public Interest
Term start: 06-01-2020
Term end: 05-31-2020

Dr. Julie MacArthur, CRC in Re-imagining Capitalism
Term start: 11-01-2020
Term end: 10-30-2025

The policies which govern the staffing of Canada Research Chair positions at RRU can be found on the Human Resources: Policies and Procedures page.

Concerns related to equity, diversity and inclusion

Concerns related to equity, diversity and inclusion should be directed to:

Lisa Robinson, Associate Director, Human Resources
250.391.2600 x4431

Gina Williams, HR Consultant, Human Resources
250.391.2600 x4417

Deborah Zornes, Director, Research Services
250.391.2600 x4486

Gwen Hill, Research Development Coordinator, Research Services
250.391.2600 x4105

- or by e-mail to Human Resources and/or Research Services. Concerns received by the institution are monitored and addressed by Human Resources, and reported to the Vice President Research, International, Marketing, and Business Development as appropriate.