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Gerda Henkel Special Programme - Security, Society and the State

Friday, December 6, 2013
Submission Deadline: 
Fri, 12/06/2013
The research programme addresses scholars of all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

As security-related issues, the fading role of the state and the gradual elimination of borders are central themes in both political and scholarly debates today. "Failing states" as a safe haven for terrorists, transnational organized crime, a loss of overall legitimacy, shrinking state authority in conflict-ridden regions are the relevant keywords in this context.
There is good reason for a more fine-grained perspective, however. Current security issues are multi-faceted and dynamic, ranging from military protection to efficient public infrastructure and a viable social negotiation process. As a matter of fact, the state is not irrevocably losing ground in security-sensitive areas. In some areas of national and personal security, state authority and sound governmental practice are more important than ever.

Please see the website for more information on this programme and its five thematic areas: