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Real Estate Foundation of BC Funding Opportunity

REFBC supports real estate and land use practices that contribute to resilient, healthy communities and natural systems. The Foundation's mission is "to transform land use attitudes and practices through innovation, stewardship, and learning."


Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines for 2013

June 28 - for Small Grant requests of $20,000 or less ONLY (Sept decision)
June 28 - BC Water Sustainability Endowment Fund Grant (Sept decision)
Sept 13 - for Small Grant and Responsive Grant requests of any size (Dec decision)

 In order to effectively address this broad mandate and the immense scope of real estate and land use in BC, the Real Estate Foundation must be strategic in its grant making. We focus our granting in specific ways (principles, guidelines, subject matter) to help us make effective investments in the work of non-profits. For the Real Estate Foundation, the most effective grants support progressive projects that lead to on-the-ground change.

Here are some of the lenses we apply to help determine whether or not a project is a good fit for a Real Estate Foundation grant.

We take a systems approach, preferring projects that recognize the interconnectedness of, for example:

  • natural and built environments;
  • social, economic, and ecological facets of issues;
  • local, regional, provincial, national, global scales;
  • various sectors and communities; and
  • land use, water use, energy use.

We value collaboration, preferring projects that involve the logical partners. This means:
working partnerships amongst organizations;
cooperation of relevant government, business, and/or non-profit organizations; and
financial investment or contributions from a range of organizations that have a stake in the outcomes of the project.
We look for leadership, preferring those projects that demonstrate innovation, or new ways to solve a problem that has eluded solutions.
We prefer projects that anticipate long-lasting outcomes (sustainable) that can be used in other communities or contexts (scalable), and thus benefit a greater number of people.

The Foundation also has subject matter lenses called "focus areas." In June 2011 our Board of Governors approved three grants program focus areas. Until further notice, they are:

Built Environment
Fresh Water Sustainability
Sustainable Food Systems

For more information on these focus areas and the Real Estate Foundation's particular interest in each area, please read the pages linked on the website. If, after reading the narratives, you would like further clarification or to discuss a project idea with us, please contact a member of the Foundation's grants team.

We look forward to working with you to make a positive difference for BC communities.