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Adapting to climate change: Science and policy cultures

Starting Date: 
June, 2013
1 year
RRU Researchers: 
Wolf, Johanna

The impacts of climate change on society are given meaning through cultural interpretations of science and risk. The effects of climate change impact upon culture and culture shapes adaptation responses to these impacts. Repeated calls to better reflect these cultural dimensions in climate policy are hampered by the limited number of studies on this subject, none in Canada. This study aims to address this gap. It examines the diverse cultural perspectives on climate change adaptation in Canada, and how they compare to the way in which culture shapes the views of and is reflected by climate change experts, whose opinion is sought to inform climate policy, and Canadian decision makers. It is the first study to examine the role of culture in adapting to climate change in Canada, and also the first study to examine how culture influences and is reflected in the views of climate change experts and decision makers.