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Teaching with Technology


The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET), in collaboration with the Office of Research, is providing core faculty members, and associate faculty members in partnership with core faculty, an opportunity to apply for a limited number of grants up to $1,000. Each grant will be jointly held by a faculty member and instructional designer, or, in the case of inclusion of an associate faculty member, by the associate faculty member, a core faculty member, and an instructional designer.

In 2017, CTET facilitated the Living Our Model series, a forum for RRU faculty and CTET staff to share leading practices and common challenges related to the delivery of our learning, teaching, and research (LTRM) model. The purpose is to strengthen our collective knowledge base and increase collaboration across campus. The theme for this year’s call for proposals is focused on the LTRM and Open Educational Resources (OER). Research proposals should focus on one or more components of the LTRM and include one or more contribution/s to the OER community.


  1. Encourage innovation in teaching practice(s) that support RRU’s LTRM;
  2. Support the movement towards “Open” pedagogy and OER;
  3. Promote collaboration between faculty, associate faculty, and instructional designers.

Examples of types of projects include, but are not limited, to the following:

Using technology to:

  • Improve assessment practices;
  • Create authentic learning activities;
  • Apply components of the LTRM in teaching practice;
  • Increase social presence in learning communities;
  • Inspire innovation in teaching practice;
  • Facilitate “Open” pedagogy;
  • Achieve program learning outcomes.

Successful recipients will be encouraged to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning by writing up the results of the pilot project for eventual conference presentation and/or publication. In addition, successful recipients will make one or more contribution/s to the OER community via RRU’s OER (Moodle instance), or RRU’s WebSpace “Commons” (powered by WordPress), or another online outlet.


All core faculty, associate faculty, and instructional designers are eligible to apply. Core faculty members can use funding obtained under the Pooled Professional Development Fund and/or the RRU Internal Research Grants award to complement the funding received via this award, as long as the use of complementary funds is approved by the respective committees. As noted, if the applicant is an associate faculty member, they must connect with a core faculty member and an instructional designer.

Awards and Adjudication

The value of each award will not exceed $1,000. A panel consisting of: Associate Director, CTET; Instructional Designer, CTET; a core faculty member from FSAS appointed by the Dean; a core faculty member from the College of Interdisciplinary Studies appointment by the Dean; and a core faculty member from FoM appointed by the Dean will adjudicate the awards such that the total amount awarded does not exceed the allocated budget for that fiscal year. Terms of appointment, for committee members, is one year. If the total amount applied for exceeds the monies available, the panel has the option of reducing the amount of individual awards or of selecting applications to be held as alternatives should additional monies become available.


The deadline to apply for a Teaching with Technology Grant is April 15, 2018. Awards will be adjudicated within four weeks of the submission date. The Office of Research Services will provide administrative support for the Teaching with Technology grants.

Selection Criteria

  1. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the following selection criteria:
  2. Significance of the proposed initiative and its ability to enhance learning;
  3. Feasibility of the activities as detailed in the work plan and timeline;
  4. Demonstrated connection of the project to the RRU Learning, Teaching, and Research Model;
  5. Evidence of contribution to the OER community;
  6. Evidence of collaboration between the faculty member and the instructional designer; and
  7. Support of the school director or equivalent.


Duration of Award  

Awards will be offered for the fiscal year 2018/19 ending March 31, 2019. All funds must be expended by this date. Any unused fund monies will be returned to the Teaching with Technology Grant Pool. Please note that faculty members can only hold one Teaching with Technology Grant award at a time. In May 2019, an event will be held to share the projects with the wider university community. Each grant recipient is required to present results of their project and submit a brief final written report to CTET and Office of Research Services, by May 1, 2019. 

Use of Funds

Funds requested through this award may be used to purchase resources, software licenses or books that will facilitate the successful completion of the project. The funds can also be used to support attendance at related conferences or meetings; support research costs related to engaging learners in the project (e.g. pizza lunches for focus groups); hire students as research assistants/technicians; or honoraria for associate faculty.

Post-Award Project Changes

Once awarded, any significant changes to the proposed activity in terms of subject matter and budget expense categories must be discussed with the Associate Director, CTET and may require approval of the adjudicating panel as a whole.


TWT Guidelines and Application Form